Tonasket WA Mule Deer hunt

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Our hunting season kicks off in September with early archery hunts lasting up to five days. During this time, bucks gather in bachelor groups and follow predictable patterns, often near food sources like alfalfa or apple orchards. We set up double bull blinds and tree stands, ideal for hunting these bucks going to and from their bedding areas. Weather permitting, spot-and-stalk options are available, offering close encounters with numerous bucks, including the possibility of harvesting one in velvet.

Moving on, our muzzleloader hunts span four days, beginning late September and extending into early October. Here, we hunt deer emerging from agricultural fields, employing spot-and-stalk techniques. Shots usually fall within the 50 to 120-yard range, ensuring a clear and accurate shot.

Rifle hunts, starting mid-October, offer varied weather conditions from hot to cold days, even with a chance of snow. Expect sightings of numerous bucks, potentially witnessing the pre-rut activities with bucks chasing does. Shots typically range from 50 to 300 yards, often hovering around the 200-yard mark.

Our special permit hunts, held from November 1st to 20th, require prior drawing. This hunt targets the migration of deer from the high country during the rut, offering sightings of up to 50 bucks a day. These permits have limited issuance across different units, necessitating application in late May.

The late archery hunting phase, spanning five days, provides an adrenaline-pumping experience during the rut. Hunting migratory deer from the high country, you might even encounter snowy conditions. Our methods include double bull blinds, spot-and-stalk, and exciting tactics like rattling and grunting, offering opportunities to spot bucks ranging from 130 to 160 class and up.

At our hunts, we accommodate disabled hunters, providing blinds for those unable to walk or climb into stands.

We offer exclusive hunting experiences, ensuring a memorable adventure away from the crowded public lands.

Our all-inclusive hunts encompass lodging, meals, and 1×1 guiding, with an option for discounted 2×1 guiding. The price range varies from $3,500 to $4,500 plus tax based on the hunting type and arrangement.

Join us this fall for an exceptional hunting experience. Contact us today to plan your hunting adventure with us.

+ License and Tag
Early Archery (Sept) - $3500
Muzzleloader/rifle/late archery $3,750 for 2 on 1. $4500 for 1 on 1
Archery: Sept 1st – 25th
Muzzleloader: Sept 29th – Oct 7th
Modern Rifle: Oct 13th – 22nd
Late Archery Whitetail: Nov 21st – Dec 15th
Late Archery Mule Deer: Nov 21st – 30th
Meals and lodging included on most hunts
OTC tags
*All seasons listed are approximate, based on previous seasons

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