Montana Mountain Lion Hunt

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Imagine this: a blanket of fresh snow covers the ground, a steaming thermos of coffee at your side as the sun peeks over Montana's majestic mountains. Just ten feet ahead lies the track of the elusive mountain lion, setting the scene for an exhilarating hunt.

With adrenaline pumping, we release the hounds, and the woods come alive with the symphony of their majestic barks. You become part of the pack, chasing an apex predator alongside these extraordinary hounds, who eagerly anticipate this annual pursuit. In these 5-day hunts, you're not only hunting but joining a specialized team, achieving a higher success rate than typical deer or elk hunts.

Montana's quota-regulated hunts for male and female lions offer accessible tags for both residents and non-residents. However, adjustments might be necessary if hunting areas close due to quotas, requiring flexibility in our plans. Yet, our dogs remain unwavering in their hunt for a cat. Trained from pups, these hounds are track finders, fierce hunters, each with unique personalities and hunting styles—truly an integral part of our hunting family.

This specialized hunt, built on over 10 years of experience, invites you to join our pack. Venture through Montana's snowy backroads, immersing yourself in the hunt, gazing into the piercing eyes of a lion.

+ License and Tag
5 day hunt - 2 on 1 - $7150
5 day hunt - 1 on 1 - $8250
Includes meals and lodging
Transportation to and from hunting area
Retrieval and skinning of animal

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