Tonasket Turkey Hunt

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Turkey hunts span two exhilarating days, offering an unmatched rush as you anticipate the grand appearance of a strutting Tom gobbler drawn in by your calls. Similar to the excitement of elk responding to calls, the experience of a gobbler closing in is a thrill you won't want to miss. Hunting methods primarily involve utilizing double bull blinds and navigating old logging roads to locate and pursue these elusive birds. Field hunting and navigating diverse terrains, including steep landscapes, add to the adventure. We cater to hunters of all levels, ensuring an inclusive experience. While focusing primarily on Merriam’s turkeys, you might encounter Rio's or Eastern turkeys occasionally. The season kicks off in mid-April and extends through May, providing ample opportunities to immerse yourself in this exhilarating pursuit. The Okanogan region boasts a robust and burgeoning turkey population, a testament to the efforts of the National Wild Turkey Federation and conservation-minded landowners. Picture yourself setting decoys before dawn, beneath roosting birds, reveling in their calls and graceful flight into your midst – an experience that's simply unbeatable.
+ License and Tag
2 Day Hunt 1 bird $900
Season April 15th- May 30th (approximate)
Mariam Turkey with Possibility of seeing some Rio and Eastern

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