Spring Montana Bear Hunt

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Ready to shake off that winter cabin fever and answer the call of the hunt? Look no further than our invigorating Spring Bear hunts.

This exciting opportunity welcomes your weapon of choice, coupled with easily obtainable over-the-counter tags. Spanning five days, our hunts take place in an area renowned for hosting a vibrant array of color-phased black bears, making it a hotspot in Montana.

Emerging fresh from hibernation, these bears may not have the weight of their fall counterparts, but their hides boast excellent quality. Among our offerings, you'll find an impressive spectrum of colors—blacks, browns, reds, cinnamons, blondes, and captivating blends.

Our approach focuses on spot-and-stalk hunting. Armed with your optics, you'll scan the south-facing slopes adorned with fresh greenery, prime for bear foraging. These adaptable creatures feast on an assortment of food, including grass, bugs, roots, and small game, aiming to fill their bellies. Our experienced guides will skillfully lead you into the midst of these bears. Witnessing several bears per week is not uncommon during these memorable hunts.

+ License and Tag
● OTC tags
● Color Phase bears
● Meals and lodging included
● 5 day 1 on 1 hunt $4950
● 5 day 2 on 1 hunt $3850

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