Spring Black Bear hunt on Quinault Reservation

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Embark on an exhilarating and unique guided black bear hunt on the breathtaking Quinault reservation. Immerse yourself in the stunning natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest Coast as you navigate through dense forests and rugged terrain in pursuit of the elusive black bear. Under the expert guidance of experienced and knowledgeable hunting guides, you will be led to strategically placed hunting sites where bait has been carefully set to attract these magnificent creatures. With patience and a keen eye, you'll have the opportunity to witness the raw power and stealth of black bears up close. Whether you are an experienced hunter or new to the world of hunting, this immersive experience is an unforgettable adventure, providing you a style of hunting that is not offered anywhere else in the state.

Our clients usually stay at Amanda Park on the beautiful Lake Quinault, the Pacific Beach Inn, or the state campground nearby at Pacific beach. Our hunts are afternoons only, giving you the chance to sleep in and enjoy the scenery and coastal towns nearby like Ocean Shores. Usually the guides will have you meet them at a predetermined spot to then take you to the blinds around 2pm. We set you up in comfortable ground blinds anywhere from 20-50 yards from the bait giving you an opportunity for a close shot, hunting until dusk (legal shooting hours). The bears in this area are known to be large and active, especially during the rut in June. This is a very desirable hunt for Washintonians for the fact that Washington no longer has a Spring Bear hunt available, but instead we are able to hunt exclusively on the reservation with our guides there. This hunt books up fast so inquire while tags are still available! This hunt runs typically only in May and June.

+ License and Tag
$3300 per person - 4 day hunt
Does not include food and lodging
Any legal weapon (Archery, Rifle, Muzzleloader)
Tags are purchased on the reservation when arriving (around $350)
Ground blinds and tree stands over bait
Large bear area

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