Montana Elk Hunt

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Experience the thrill of Archery Elk hunting, spanning from early September to mid-October, where cool mornings blend into warm afternoons in the expansive Big Sky country.

Immerse yourself in the symphony of bugling bulls, witnessing their fierce battles, herding their cows, and the intriguing communication of satellite bulls. It's a hunting experience unparalleled by any other

This period marks the prime time for harvesting a bull elk, as they actively communicate and mate during the rut. September Elk hunting in the Rocky Mountains is an adrenaline-filled adventure, offering encounters with bulls approaching at remarkably close distances—some as near as three yards.

Being in the midst of elk during this season is truly magical, an adventure you don't want to miss. Hunting on public land, we can't guarantee outcomes, but we promise dedication and hard work, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

Keep in mind, this is a physically and mentally demanding hunt set in the challenging terrain of the Rocky Mountains. Most of our hunts involve trekking through first-service gates, demanding climbs uphill, downhill, and across side hills. Adequate physical preparation is essential—prepare to be in good shape, practice consistently with your bow throughout the summer, and comfortably shoot distances up to 60 yards. Shooting farther distances often enhances accuracy at closer ranges.

For application purposes, the deadline is April first. Partnering with an outfitter secures an additional preference point. Additionally, this hunt can be combined with deer and fall bear hunts upon request. Share your preferences, and we'll customize the perfect combination for you!


These hunts rank among the most popular choices for avid hunters. These impressive 600-pound animals spend September recovering from their breeding season. Witness small groups of bachelor bulls socializing or bulls tending to their cows during these expeditions, often combined with peak rut deer hunts.

These hunts predominantly involve extensive glassing, often benefiting from the ability to shoot at longer distances. While outcomes are not guaranteed, what we promise is unwavering hard work and commitment.

Applications for these hunts are due by April first. Booking through an outfitter grants an additional preference point, easing the process of obtaining these coveted tags.

Be prepared for diverse weather conditions during these fall hunts, including potential snowfall. The elk tend to favor south-facing slopes with heavy snow cover, sometimes congregating in herds of 20 or more. Successful hunters in this pursuit cover considerable ground, putting in many miles on foot to seize their opportunities.

+ License and Tag
Elk or deer 5 day 1 on 1 - $4950
Elk or deer 5 day 2 on 1 - $3850
Combo 2 on 1 - $4950
Combo 1 on 1 - $6050
Meals and lodging included
Need to draw - call us for assistance

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