Fall Montana Bear Hunt

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Fall is the best time of the year! It brings a vibrant palette of colors, cooler temperatures, and, of course, the bears.

As these magnificent creatures prepare for hibernation, they become more active. They roam the high mountains, feasting on huckleberries, or venture down to town outskirts, causing a ruckus with trash cans. Their voracious appetite leads them where the food is, resulting in substantial weight gain by fall. Harvesting a fall bear promises a hefty trophy due to their significantly increased body size.

Our hunting grounds are home to a diverse range of color-phased black bears, from traditional blacks to striking chocolates, cinnamons, blondes, reds, and various unique shades. Beyond their impressive size and color, bear meat is delectable and versatile—ideal for stews, pulled meat sandwiches, and various culinary delights.

Tags are easily accessible, available over the counter for both resident and non-resident hunters. Our seasoned guides are committed to the pursuit of that exceptional bear, ensuring an unforgettable hunting experience.

Join us on this 5-day hunt to partake in one of Montana's cherished traditions amidst the concurrent deer, elk, and turkey seasons. For additional hunts, reach out to explore the possibilities of adding these remarkable experiences to your itinerary.


+ License and Tag
OTC tags
Color Phase bears
Meals and lodging included
5 day - 1 on 1 hunt $4950
5 day - 2 on 1 hunt $3850

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