Eastern Washington Whitetail Archery hunt

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Experience the thrill of a 4-day guided archery whitetail hunt near Tonasket, WA, led by knowledgeable local guides intimately familiar with the terrain. Explore carefully chosen hunting grounds, anticipating the elusive whitetail deer in exclusive and privately leased areas.

Throughout our expeditions, clients primarily hunt from ground blinds over bait, occasionally utilizing tree stands for optimal viewpoints. These proven methods are designed to enhance your chances of a successful and fulfilling hunting experience.

In addition to the thrill of the hunt, indulge in the convenience of included meals and comfortable lodging. Delight in hearty meals crafted to fuel your adventures and relax in cozy accommodations, ensuring you're well-rested for each day's pursuit of the majestic whitetail.

+ License and Tag
$4000 per person - 4 day hunt
No trophy fee
OTC tags
Food and lodging included
Ground blinds/tree stands over bait
December 1-15

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